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Increased stripping capacity and bathlife

Nano-Strip® has a bathlife which may be extended up to a week depending on the nature of the photoresist and the conditions of the process.

Batch-to-batch consistency

Nano-Strip® is a single and stable solution, ready to be used directly out of the container. There is no need to use additional chemicals. Since no mixing is required, potential errors and further chemical handling are eliminated. Its performance is consistent and stable.

Safe and easy to use

Nano-Strip® strips and cleans organic and inorganic contamination effectively at room temperature or may be used at elevated temperatures to promote more effective stripping.

It contains no phenols, chlorinated solvents, and toxic fumes that can endanger operators or damage process equipment. Nano-Strip® can be used in recirculating filtration tanks to prevent particle build-up, promote agitation, resulting in a longer bathlife.

High purity

Nano-Strip® is filtered to 0.1 micron. Each bottle is double-bagged. High Purity chemicals are used in its manufacture. This results in lower device defect levels. Several grades are available including one with a 1 ppb metal specification.

Low and controlled rate of metal attack

Deterioration of metal surfaces during stripping is negligible compared to other acid stripping formulas. Corrosion of aluminum layers is minimal, and Nano-Strip® leaves no organic residues.

Reduced waste

Nano-Strip® has a long extended bath life compared to standard Sulphuric Acid / Hydrogen Peroxide baths. Hazardous acid waste is minimized and the cost of waste treatment is dramatically reduced. Nano-Strip® may reduce chemical volumes and therefore waste by as much as 70%.


Nano-Strip® is an effective stripper and cleaner of organic and inorganic compounds. It replaces most Sulfuric Acid/Hydrogen Peroxide strippers used in photoresist stripping, pre-diffusion clean, pre-metal dip and photomask, LCD cleaning. Nano-Strip® consistently meets or exceeds the typical requirements established for Capacitance vs. Voltage plots, particle count and electrical test specifications. In addition, for certain applications, Nano-Strip® can be used over various metal layers without corrosion.


Nano-Strip® will not attack chrome, chro­me oxide, gold or silicon dioxide. It has only minimal effect on copper, tantalum silicide(TaSi), titanium tungsten(TiW),indium tin oxide(ITO), aluminum and aluminum alloys(Al-Si and Al-Si-Cu). Etch rate of aluminum substrates is ap­proximately 35A /min at 20°C.

Wafer Stripping

Product Bath Life(°C) Bath Life (Min Days) Resist On Al Hard Baked Resist(< 250°C) Deep UV Treated Resist Implanted Resist
Nano-Strip 20 5    
Nano-Strip 2X 20 7    
Nano-Strip 60-80 1  
Nano-Strip 2X 60-80 2  


The activity of Nano-Strip® depends on the temperature of the bath and the length of time the bath is used. The bath life can be characterized analytically for different processes. Bath life is typically twenty-four hours under the harshest conditions and it may be as much as one week, depending on the temperature and length of time bath is used. Figures 5 and 6 illustrate the effect of temperature for Nano-Strip® and Nano-Strip® 2X respectively.


Nano-Strip® will reduce direct chemical cost, operator labor, chemical waste volume and effluent treatment costs. In addition, the up time and utilization of wet benches is improved substantially.


Nano-Strip® (standard strength) replaces Sulfuric Acid and Hydrogen Peroxide (S/P) used for resist strip. As a direct replacement with recirculation filtration added to the second process tank. Nano-Strip® bath life is 24 hours for tank 1 and 48 hours for tank 2, this lifetime should be compared to 12 hours for S/P. Chemical usage reduced by 67% from 24 gallons per wet bench to 8 gallons per 24 hours. Chemical cost and inventory reduced From 40 bottles to 12 in 24 hours. Wetbench utilization increased from 60% to 100%

Nano-Strip® 2X replaces S/P used for post plasma clean and pre-metal deposition clean. The added particles were reduced at each stage by 85 and 100% respectively with Nano-Strip® 2X at 60° C. Uptime for process tanks was increased such that wafers processed per hour increased from 70 to 120. Chemical cost for these processes was reduced by 65% per wet bench.

After the customer fully tested and qualified Nano-Strip® 2X for their standard FEOL silicon wafer, bulk resist strip, they went from changing their sulfuric/peroxide baths once per shift to every four days. As a result, they realized a savings of over $250,000 in the first year of use. They have been using the product for over eight years with no issues and continue to find new uses of Nano-Strip® 2X in other processes.